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Relax and Unwind



Casual Dining close to Play Park

At the Purple Windmill Restaurant (Kruipmol Bar and Eatery), you can indulge in a relaxed, casual dining experience. Perfect for a laid-back lunch or a crafted snack, this eatery offers a variety of delectable options. Enjoy a diverse range of dishes and drinks, from artisanal beers to local wines. For those who prefer to dine al fresco, you can collect your food from the eatery and savor a picnic-style meal on our spacious lawns, surrounded by the beautiful farm scenery. This makes it an ideal spot for families and friends to unwind and enjoy each other's company.


Elevated dining experience with a view

For a more elevated dining experience, visit the Reservoir Restaurant. This venue offers a delightful breakfast and a full meal menu, all while providing stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and hills. The Reservoir Restaurant is unique in that it was transformed from an old, unused reservoir into a charming dining space. Its history and transformation add a distinctive character to your dining experience. It is also an excellent choice for hosting small, separate functions such as team-building events or celebratory dinners. With a play area for children and a menu catering to all ages, the Reservoir Restaurant ensures an enjoyable experience for the entire family.



Relax on the grassy lawns or by the dam

Collect your food from the eatery and enjoy a meal on the grassy lawns, taking in the live music and the serene farm surroundings. This flexibility allows you to create your own perfect dining setting, whether it's a romantic meal for two or a casual family gathering. The Purple Windmill ensures that every dining experience is memorable, providing various options to suit your preferences. Pre-book if you are looking specifically for a picnic experience.